Distance MBA in 2020, Waste or Valuable ?

Distance MBA is the better option for working professionals, students who cannot attend classes regularly, and for people who stay at home who want to pursue any courses. Once you enrol for distance learning schools you will be guided towards attending the classes and preparing for exams. You’ll get materials from schools via post or email which includes books and course curriculum. These materials help you to study yourself. The common eligibility for distance MBA is bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of Distance MBA:

The major advantage of distance learning is flexibility. One can choose any school and attend in the flexible timings. Online learning technologies are redefining the notation of distance learning to provide flexible learning and quality of education.

  • Save money – Distance learning is less expensive compare to the regular learning.
  • It is more convenient for working professionals to manage both work and study.
  • Equivalent to the regular education standards, the distance learning also offers the best quality education.

Career scope:

As the skills and knowledge is the same as the full time MBA programmes, the career progress for distance MBA degree holders has the equal opportunities.


Distance MBA is valid for all the jobs across various sectors including public and private, meaning, it is equal to the regular MBA. For working professionals it helps a lot by adding value to the CV and opens more job opportunities to acquire the top level job roles in the same organization.

Based on the specialisation (Finance, marketing, accounting, management, administration and marketing) one can get more pay across the various industries.

The distance MBA degree in international business (Global MBA) can provide you more overseas jobs in international business trading like import & export, logistics, shipping and consultancy. With distance MBA, you will be offered with different job roles based on your specialisation.

It is also allow you to get jobs in government sectors. Banks, railways, finance, transportation etc., also ask MBAs for their job roles.